Lead Generation


  • We provide a range of flexible Lead Generation packages to meet your business needs. 
  • We have the ability to design packages that enhance your current marketing activity. 
  • Our approach is professional is professional and compliant, ensuring your reputation and brand value are protected. 
  • Our reporting is transparent. 
  • Our work achieves tangible results. 
  • Testimonials available.  

Data Development


* We provide data cleaning services

* Data consolidation to ensure your database is free of duplicates and inaccurate information 

*  We update you progress during the project 

* We provide support on the ongoing maintenance of your database



  • We provide consultancy on business development, helping to get the most from your business development activity. 

  • Sales teams can often be difficult to manage, especially when there is disparity within the team.

  • Our strength is that we are able to assess the situation independently and provide the best advice to get your team on track.



I have worked with Jan from Kingfisher Norfolk on a variety of campaigns for Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge, including campaigns to schools and businesses around Cambridge.  

From developing strong data lists for our prospects, to managing lead generating conversations with new and existing contacts, Jan is the driving force behind our new business campaigns.  

We are seeing results soon into campaigns, and Jan’s work is helping to increase our business, and awareness of our centre.   Beth Walthew, Owner, Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge